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Our Services

With over 60 years of combined experience in apparel, we are a full service partner to bring your products to market.


At Concepts NYC, we specialize in design and product development. Our team combines creativity, technical expertise, and market insight to ensure your products resonate with your target audience, so that you can have confidence in your product performance on your selling floor or website. Whether you prefer to work closely with us throughout the design and development process or entrust us with the heavy lifting, our goal is to let you concentrate on what you do best while we bring your vision to life.

Step 1 process of sewing underwear and clothes, woman tailor cuts blanks for panties from
women's underwear, bra, underpants, white, black, beige fishnet, layout on a white backgro


Strategic Sourcing
We help identify where and how value can be derived from sourcing. By using a range of analytical tools to identify opportunity areas for developing category-specific procurement strategies delivering executable and sustainable implementation plans and robust business cases.

Sourcing Management
Our sourcing management service ensures that sourcing arrangements are executed to maximize their value. Our consultants help manage the transition to new sourcing arrangements, establish service and supplier management organizations and conduct customer satisfaction reviews.

Sourcing Improvement
Concepts NYC consultants help transform procurement organizations, processes and systems to improve the value delivered from sourcing.

Interior of a workshop for sewing clothes and textiles. Without people. The workroom of se
Spools with different color thread at knitting factory.jpg


Customs Clearance
Concepts NYC is well versed in all types of entries, product lines and other government agencies. We provide expert customs documentation and all transactions with US Customs concerning the entry and admissibility of merchandise. We can handle clearance for both imported and exported freight. Our confidence and knowledge to navigate the complicated regulations and requirements enable us to protect our customers from costly mistakes and avoid unnecessary delays.


Concepts NYC provides inventory warehousing, distribution, crossdocking, pick and pack, supply chain management, drop ship and back office solutions, our full-service approach ensures our clients can focus on product development, sales and marketing while we handle the rest. We offer strategically located distribution centers across the US. We pride ourselves on delivering value on time.

Warehouse Management System
It's crucial to have an effective WMS, which we've invested in heavily to ensure maximum efficiency as well as the ultimate in customizable options.

Pick & Pack
Just as it sounds, this involves disassembling product, picking the relevant product per your instructions and putting back together for next step shipping.

Complementing our other services and offering more savings of time and money to you, we offer packaging solutions of all kinds: Club/Variety packs, Assembly, Kitting, Quality Control Inspections, etc.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

It's critical to select a fulfillment company that is responsive and can effectively turn shipments around with both speed and accuracy. Fortunately, we do both exceptionally well.


Our customizable software allows you to direct your product not only where, but how you choose. This means labels and label applications of all sizes from standard to UCC128 to RFI chips.

Business Logistics concept, map global partner connection of Container Cargo freight ship
Shipping box.jpg
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